SIPRI joins high-level event from the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security

Photo credit: Stockholm Environment Institute

On 30 May, the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security held a high-level event on ‘Economic Competitiveness and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change’.

The event, which took place in Stockholm, brought together experts from diverse sectors for a dynamic dialogue on a subject that transcends borders but also lies at the core of Sweden’s resilience, economic competitiveness and stability. 

Måns Nilsson, Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, opened the event with welcome remarks before Helen Ågren, Director of the Swedish Ministry of Climate and Enterprise, gave keynote reflections. Representing SIPRI, Dr Florian Krampe, Director of the Climate Change and Risk Programme, presented a knowledge briefing on climate risks to economic competitiveness along with researchers from the other institutes.

SIPRI Director Dan Smith joined Måns Nilsson, Lisen Schultz, Deputy Director of Education from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Thomas Rebermark, Director of Swedish Water House at the Stockholm International Water Institute, to offer input on the topic. The event closed after an open discussion led by Robert Watt, Engagement Director at the Stockholm Environment Institute.